Mid-campaign doldrums

We’re a little more than half-way through the Zombies Survive campaign on Kickstarter and we just reached the 50% funding mark!

While this is really great for us, we can’t help feeling a little trepidation about the second half of the process. Will we get enough? Why are people waiting when they said they’d support? Did we over-commit with the amount at which we aimed?

Been doing a lot of research on keeping the ball rolling and will be implementing some ideas in the upcoming days. Need to try to expand our net by having backers help out as well.

We’re up on Twitter : @gishburgergames We’re on Facebook if you search GishBurgerGames We’re on BoardGameGeek

Hoping this all pays off and we get the funding we’re after. Once we print the first run of Zombies Survive, we’re hoping to use the leftover funds (which aren’t much) and the money made from selling to promote and publish some other games ( a time travel game, a fantasy exploration game, a bee game) we have planned.

Thanks for caring! Share us with your friends!

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